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Breakfast: 8:30 - 9 am, Lunch: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Because the love of God demands a love of neighbor, and because the faith which underlies true prayer demands good works, St. John’s from its earliest days has sought to meet the physical as well as the spiritual needs of the people in the area.

Today, St. John’s is famous not so much as an historic site as it is for its good works: over 6,000,000 breakfasts and dinners have been served to hungry people, free exhibits are held for struggling artists and the city’s school children, and thousands of toys and books are distributed to other churches and charitable institutions at Christmas.

In the past four, we have opened a Medical Services Unit staffed by a full-time nurse and two volunteer doctors, and a separate Women and Children’s Center where they can eat in peace and safety. In addition, we run a weekly food pantry handing out over 100 bags of food to assist those in need.

From its earliest days, St. John’s has been a beacon to the marginal people.  From harboring frightened immigrants to feeding the hungry, St. John’s has never turned its back on anyone’s physical needs while always taking care of their spiritual needs.

Everything we do has its roots in the gospel; to share what we have, and to reach out and help those who cannot help themselves; to show respect for everyone as if they were “another self”;  to reach out and touch people with the love of God through the love of neighbor.


Our volunteers allow us to keep up operations on a daily basis. St. John’s offers a wide range of opportunities including cooking, serving, and cleaning among others. We are fortunate to be able to enlist the help of various church, business, and youth groups. We also rely on a large number of individuals to help on a daily basis.

(Children must be at least 14 years of age and accompanied by an adult.)

For information regarding how to become involved as a volunteer please complete the online Contact Form on our Contact page or send an email to

St. John’s is supported by free-will donations.  We do not receive government funds of any kind.

To volunteer or for donations, visit our website at:

St. John's Soup Kitchen
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