Creating a Parish of Transparency

As recent history and news media has reminded us, the Catholic Church is made up of broken humans. Abuse in the Church is never okay as it shatters the lives of the physical victims and violates the spiritual life of millions. While the Church is made up of sinners, we cannot accept the sin, but rather, we should have a holy hatred of the sin – for in doing so – is an act of love.

The effort to restore the moral credibility of the universal Church begins in our local parish community. At Saint Patrick’s Pro-Cathedral we are aiming to create a community of transparency and safety here in Newark, NJ. It is only by letting the light of Christ in that we can cast out the darkness of sin. Check back to this page for updates, information, procedures, and articles that will pertain to our local efforts to restore our Church.

“Restore all things in Christ.” –  St. Pius X


Letter to a Suffering Church” by Bishop Barron will be made available to parishioners soon.

A Message from Cardinal Tobin regarding the 2019 Spring General Assembly of Bishops

A Message from Cardinal Joseph. W. Tobin

Mensaje de Cardenal Jose W. Tobin

A Letter from Cardinal Tobin

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Compensation Program for Victims of Clergy Sexual Abuse as Minors Opens

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A Lay Perspective

A Priest’s Perspective

Report Abuse

The Archdiocese of Newark takes very seriously any and all credible complaints of sexual abuse of minors by members of the clergy, religious, lay staff and volunteers of the Archdiocese. We encourage anyone with knowledge of an act of sexual abuse of a minor to inform the Archdiocese immediately so that we can take appropriate action to protect others and provide support to victims of sexual abuse.