The Parish Life Committee (PLC), under the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit, serves as a advisory and consultative body to the pastor and leadership team. The PLC is responsible for the Parish Activities. We strive to offer opportunities for Community Building and Unity following our three core elements of our Parish Mission and Vision: Encounter - Grow - Serve. Committee members are volunteer parishioners who meet once a month for the planning of the Parish events. 

If you would like to be part of this committee, please speak with Fr. Juan Ortega.

El Comité de Vida Parroquial es responsable de las actividades parroquiales. Nosotros tratamos de ofrecer oportunidades de Edificación Comunitaria y fomentar Unidad Parroquial siguiendo los tres elementos principales de la Misión y Visión de nuestra Parroquia: Encuentro – Crecimiento – Servicio. Los miembros de este comité son parroquianos voluntarios que se reúnen una vez al mes para planear los eventos parroquiales.

Si usted esta interesado en ser miembro de este comité, favor de comunicarse con Padre Juan Ortega.


Below are the current members of the Council. Please feel free to contact them to bring, ideas, concerns or observations that you believe should perhaps be discussed by this body.


HANNAH MORRISSEY, Servant Leader (Secretary)

VALERIA QUINATOA, Servant Leader (Treasurer)