The matrimonial covenant, by which a man and a woman establish between themselves a partnership of the whole of life, is by its nature ordered toward the good of the spouses and the procreation and education of offspring; this covenant between baptized persons has been raised by Christ the Lord to the dignity of a sacrament.
— Catechism of the Catholic Church 1601


The Catholic Church believes that Christian marriage is the union of a baptized man and woman who freely enter into a covenant of love with each other in Christ for the purpose of giving and receiving love and for the procreation and education of children.
Married couples live their sacrament by the way they care for one another, love one another, and are enthusiastic for one another as husband and wife. In their daily love for each other, their children, and the larger community, they become a living sign (a sacrament) for all of how much Jesus loves us and wishes to embrace us as His brothers and sisters. As they work their way through marital and family crises and struggles, they are witness to the power of the Holy Spirit at work in all our lives.
In order to live out this ideal Christian marriage, couples must have the ability to give and receive love and to sustain an intimate relationship. They must also have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and His Body, the Church. 

  • Marriage is a covenant relationship (I will love you unconditionally), not just a contractual relationship (I will love you if you love me).

  • The principal goals of marriage are the mutual love of husband and wife and the openness to new life.

  • The sacrament of marriage has two important community dimensions:

    • Couples, by their love for each other, become living signs of how God loves us and how he wants to embrace us as family.

    • A Catholic wedding is a celebration of the entire Christian community and not simply a private family function.

  • Marriage enables a couple to sustain a close intimate relationship.

  • A Catholic marriage assumes that a couple has a relationship with Christ and His Church.

Couples should contact the Pastor as soon as they decide to marry and before any other arrangements are made. For more information, please contact the Rectory at (973) 623-0497.


The marriage license is obtained from the town of the bride.  One witness will also be needed (over 18 years) when you apply for the license.  APPLY NO LATER THAN ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE.  The witness must know both the bride and the groom.

Brides living outside of the State of NJ
If bride lives out of state of NJ, the marriage lisence must be obtained from the Newark City Hall

Convalidations (couples already married civily)
A Convalidation is done when a Couple is already civily married and want to bring their Marriage into the Catholic Church. The following documents are needed:

  1. Civil Marriage Certificate

  2. New Re-marriage lisence


At St. Patrick's Pro-Cathedral the Sacramental Preparation involves 4 meetings, not including the initial meeting with Fr. Bismarck. These meetings are intended to complete the Prenuptual Investigation Form, FOCUS Inventory and discussion on the meaning and purpose of the Sacrament of Matrimony as taught by the Church.

We recommend that you celebrate the sacrament of penance, particularly prior to your wedding.  This sacrament affords you the opportunity to experience the forgiveness of the Lord and the strength to resist temptation.
We also recommend that you attend Mass every Sunday, so that you may be strengthened by the Eucharist.  By making Jesus number one in your life, you will be truly preparing for the sacrament of marriage.  Your presence is important, not only for one another, but also for the parish community.  It speaks volumes.


The purpose of the rehearsal is to get the immediate family, bridal party & bride in and out of the Church in an orderly and prayerful fashion.  It also includes instructing the lectors you choose about proper proclamation of the Word and gift bearers (2) if it is a nuptial Mass.

Rehearsals are done one day before the wedding or a week before the wedding.

Below is the official line up used here at St. Patrick’s Pro-Cathedral for all wedding ceremonies. Please arrive for your rehearsal on time as it will begin promptly. Have your family and escorts selected for the mother’s and your bridal party matched up all before you arrive as they will process in as couples. Please select who will unroll the runner (if you have one) as well. Grandmothers are occasionally honored by an escort prior to the mother’s and bridal party.
This is the official line up…

Just a reminder that the civil wedding license MUST BE IN HAND at the rehearsal and all fees in order to avoid the “business” aspect on the wedding day.
Kindly instruct your florists to deliver all corsages & boutonnieres to the main lobby entrance to church where they can be picked up by the ushers, etc…
Please be prepared in this order and fashion. This is it. It will help to expedite the rehearsal.
We look forward to celebrating the Sacrament with you on your wedding day.

  • Mother of the Groom

  • Mother of the Bride

  • Bridal COUPLES

  • Ring bearer & Flower Girl

  • Maid/Matron of Honor

  • Bride & her escort (father and /or mother or both)

  • The Groom & Best Man are already at the Sanctuary awaiting the arrival of the Bride.


Contact Ken Smith at (201) 906-1574 or via email .


Registered Parishioners, $700. Non-Parishioners, $800.

A deposit of $200 is required to hold the date.

Priest Stipend is left at the discretion of the couple.