Where your treasure is, there will your heart also be.
— Matthew 6:21


If you are a parishioner, you benefit from the staff, programs, and facilities of our parish, and they all have a cost. But this is not the most important reason.  The most important is the following:

Giving of our time, talent, and treasure – in an intentional and calculated manner – is essential to our individual growth in holiness.  Here’s why: if we do not intentionally share our gifts, putting God and His Kingdom first, we will not be given the “higher” gifts because we have not been generous stewards of the gifts God has already given us.  God looks for generous hearts already striving to put Him and others first; and to those He will ordinarily give the “higher” gifts, because that heart is already disposed to use those higher gifts for the benefit of others.


Every person’s finances and family situation is different.  Jesus makes it clear that it matters not how much one gives, but that it is planned, calculated, at least somewhat sacrificial (see Luke 24:1-4), and not simply from what is “leftover” at the end of the month.

The Old Testament puts forth a “tithe” – or 10% of one’s income – as the amount that goes back to God.  In the New Testament Jesus praises Zacchaeus for giving half of his estate (Luke 19:1-10), and also calls some to give all their worldly possessions and follow Him! (Mark 10:21; Matthew 19:21; Luke 18:22). We propose the tithe (10%) as the ideal every family can consider working towards.

When you register as a parishioner, you will also receive envelopes that you can put in the collection at Mass; or mail in to the parish.

If you need help with online giving, or are not receiving envelopes, please call the rectory.

There’s no better investment in the world than the local parish.

It is where people meet Jesus and lives are changed.